Waterfall Dreams

Army Blah

2 July
If you happen to find my journal the least bit interesting; then go right ahead and read it, if not, there is an 'X' box in the upper right hand corner. That being said... Hello! I'm Lynn and I try not to get too personal with the things that I say in my journal. I am a nursing student in the active duty Army... in many ways I should have stayed with college, but I'm so far into training now that I can handle all the BS that is yet to come. I live at Fort Lewis, Washington, and I couldn't be happier with that. It is beautiful and I am close to home, where my heart is in Alaska, and where my family and friends are in Oregon. I am your not-so-typical 21 year old female. There are only 800 other people with my job in the world... an active duty practical nurse in the Army. And there is only one of me, that has had my life experiences; experiences and challenges. I wouldn't change a thing.

<3 Lynn